Tax Preparation for Businesses

A tremendous amount of time and money can be saved with effective tax planning and preparation. At Nash Financial Solutions, in Springfield, Ohio, we’ll take the time to understand your unique tax situation, provide you with the maximum tax advantages possible, and prevent red flags that could lead to tax penalties and audits by the IRS. We follow a rigorous process to prepare your business taxes and carefully review every tax return to ensure accuracy and compliance with US tax codes.

Our tax preparation services, in Springfield, Ohio, include:

  • Small business taxes
  • Estate taxes
  • Corporate taxes
  • Partnership taxes
  • Trust taxes
  • Payroll taxes
  • Alternative minimum tax planning
  • SALT (state and local taxes)
  • Contractor 1096 Filing
  • Business Income Tax
  • Nonprofit Accounting and Tax Preparation
  • New Business Entity Choice and Set Up
  • E-file
  • Individual taxes

Tax planning may not seem like a critical part of your business, but the payoff can be substantial, if done properly. We monitor and keep your taxes under control throughout the tax year, by providing ongoing consulting and allowing you to take a proactive approach in tax planning. This allows you to avoid making costly mistakes and to take advantages of opportunities in the US tax code.

Out tax planning services work hand in glove with our business bookkeeping services. By knowing exactly what your financial forecast is, we’re able to foresee how it will impact your business’ tax liability so we can consult you and plan accordingly.

The success of any company begins with accurate financial statements and record keeping. These tasks can often be a real headache to a business owner and take up more time than intended or necessary. The tax professionals at Nash Financial Solutions can help you streamline your tax planning and preparation, managing your books and transactions efficiently, and providing meaningful financial statements so you always know where your business stands, financially-speaking. The wide range of accounting services Nash Financial Solutions offers frees up your time from these monotonous financial and tax burdens, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.