Tax Preparation for Individuals

Trying to prepare your own income tax returns can leave taxpayers with more questions than answers. For a lot of people, US tax laws are so complicated that filing even a basic return can be time consuming and confusing.  It’s simply too easy to overlook or misunderstand a change to the tax code that might impact them.  As an example, are you subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax?

It’s easy to overlook deductions or other tax credits to which you may be entitled, even if you use Turbo Tax to prepare your own returns.  There’s no substitute for an experienced tax professional.  According to a study released by the US Government’s General Accounting Office, 77% of all US taxpayers believe they benefited, financially-speaking, from enlisting the services of a professional tax preparer.

At Nash Financial Solutions, we take our fiduciary responsibility to our clients seriously.   Our tax professionals will review your tax documents, and look for possible deductions that you may have overlooked.  Our thorough review of your financial information and tax preparation process will minimize potential problems that the IRS or other tax authorities may detect. Nobody wants to get a notice in the mail from the IRS!

Your tax returns can be filed quickly and easily, electronically, simplifying the processing. Further, if you have a refund due, electronic filing will hasten the receipt of those funds to your bank account. We also consult on tax planning for individuals. Tax season is a great time to start planning for next year’s taxes. You may find that keeping more of your paycheck will not require you to pay any penalties at all. If your tax refunds are significant, you may be paying in more in taxes throughout the year, effectively loaning the government your money, without interest!

Nash Financial Solutions offers three options for all of your tax preparation needs:

Schedule a personal appointment:

We are available for you to call, email, or schedule an appointment online.  We’ll go over your individual tax situation, and will generally have your return completed within only one hour.

Our convenient drop-off service:

Mail, fax, or email your tax information to us and we’ll prepare your return for you. We will generally complete your return within one to two business days.


Complete your own tax return online from the convenience of your own home. Our pricing is competitive:

  • 1040EZ is FREE
  • 1040A is $19.95
  • 1040 is $39.95
  • State is $29.95